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Zhang Zhi was an initiate of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins during the Song dynasty and an ancestor of Owen Meyers. During her youth, Zhang Zhi was trained by her Assassin father, mastering skills such as Eagle Vision and freerunning.

In 1259, her father was one of the commanders of the Chinese army fighting off the Mongols besieging the Diaoyu Fortress. He died saving the fortress from a Mongol assault and Zhang found his body with other corpses. Kang, her father's Mentor, completed Zhang Zhi's training despite his doubts about her motives, warning her that revenge had to come after duty. She later disobeyed the Mentor, infiltrating the Mongol camp and killing Möngke Khan.

However, while returning to the fortress, Zhang Zhi was injured and became crippled by the Mongol Bayan. Kang informed her that she would never be formally inducted into the Brotherhood and left.