ACO Yw Huts

Yw Huts

The Yw Huts was a small fishing village consisting of a few wooden huts located in the western side of the Herakleion Nome.

It was a village of fishing people, who hunted small and medium sized fish available in the swamps of the area. The Yw Huts' people also hunted crocodiles to craft goods and to honor Sobek, the crocodile god, through rituals.


Abar, the last living member of the mercenary army of Ptolemy XIII, held a key (one of four) which could open a chest belonging to the Phylakes which was of interest to Bayek. In order for Bayek to obtain the last key he needed from Abar, he would have to defeat a bunch of crocodiles causing trouble in the swamps near Yw Huts. Once Bayek did away with the crocodile infestation; Abar gave him the key he needed to open the chest, which contained the Black Hood outfit.


  • The word "Yw" is an ancient Egyptian word found in hieroglyphs, which was deciphered as "Ones," as in people; attributed to people of certain characteristic or from a specific location (a possessive noun). In other words, Yw Huts means "the Ones Huts."