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The XIXth Century Search Engine was released as promotional media for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.


Riddle 1:

Riddle 2:

Riddle 3:


Riddle 1:

Riddle 2: type "Victorian Mirror". You'll get a mirrored text. Type "show me the road" and you'll get the second code: YND6.

Riddle 3: type "God save the Queen" and a page should show up. If you click on the last words it should disappear and the search box changes in: "if you promise to Protect the Londonians from oppression you’ll be rewarded for it". If you do a search with that, press Found A Hidden Gem and you'll get the last code: S3RK.


The reward for completing the three riddles is:

By searching Playstation, press Gamodrome. On the right is a code to unlock Edward and Elise Outfits, but it's PS4 only.


  • Searching for anything related to Assassins and Templars gives the user unique error messages.


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