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Wilson (unknown – 1723) was the manservant to Matthew Hague, and a member of the Templar Order.

Wilson was sometime hired by Matthew and his Templar father Aubrey Hague as a bodyguard. Together with a writing companion, Wilson accompanied Matthew just about anywhere. His intimidating appearance gained the rich man a respectful name.

Sometime in 1711, the thief Albert stole the purse of Caroline Scott, who Matthew was betrothed to, during their walk on the Bristol beach. Under Matthew's orders, Wilson immediately beat up the thief. However, Edward Kenway, who hired Albert to give flowers to his secret love Caroline instead of stealing her purse, immediately defended the man and attacked Wilson. The two fought before Wilson gained the upper hand, grabbing Edward and throwing him off the harbour.

Wilson later became the henchman of Emmett Scott, and took his maidservant Rose hostage in order for Edward Kenway to surrender in exchange for her life. However, Edward managed to shoot Emmett in the head, and throw a knife at Wilson's shoulder. Wilson succumbed to his wounds, after being shot by Edward afterwards.