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White Trophy was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor met with Myriam, who needed his help hunting a rare white cougar.


Connor approached Myriam.

  • Myriam: Could you make a little more noise? Been fixin' to trap a cougar I've seen prowling about. The beast has snapped two of my snares already. From what I've seen its fur is white - mad as it sounds. Its hide would be worth a fortune to the right person.
  • Connor: I have never seen a cougar like that. I would like to help you.
  • Myriam: I'll follow you then. Stay quiet.

Connor analyzed a clue leading to the location of the cougar.

  • Myriam: Got his trail yet?
    Look at the size of those claw-marks! Better shoot true!
    He has a taste for fresh meat– seen this before. Looks fresh. He's close.

Myraim spotted the cougar.

  • Myriam: There he goes! We won't get another chance at this! Come on Connor! We won't see him again after this! This is our only shot. Hurry up!

Connor chased the cougar into the mine.

White Trophy 5

Norris, Myriam and Connor planning to deal with the cougar

  • Norris: You must be here for my new friend! I was dumping a load and he went straight in. Lucky I wasn't in there...
  • Connor: Very. What are you thinking, Myriam?
  • Myriam: Flush and fire. Norris can back off, one of us goes in there to draw him out and the other waits out here to shoot.
  • Connor: I will go in.

Connor entered the mine and was attacked by the cougar, allowing Myriam to shoot it.

  • Norris: Nice shot.
  • Connor: Thank you, Myriam.


Connor and Myriam managed to kill the cougar, and Norris began to take a liking to Myriam.



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