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When in Rome...

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When in Rome...
Technical information

Disguised as the chest carrier, lead the guards to the Banker's location without being detected. Listen to their reactions to determine the correct route.

Memory type



Follow The Money


In And Out

Historical information

Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Rome, Italy


August 1st 1503

When In Rome is a memory in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.


After impersonating the guard, Luigi Torcelli, Ezio Auditore judged the other guards reactions and correctly deduced the path to the Banker's party.


In Rome 2

Ezio leading the guards.

  • Guard 1: Everything going well in there?
  • Guard 2: We have to go Luigi, or we'll be late.

Ezio finished donning the deceased Luigi's armor. He picked up the money, and approached the guards and Egidio Troche.

  • Guard: The count is complete? Va bene (okay). Kill him.
  • Ezio: No.
  • Guard: Lucky you. Luigi says he gets to live. Lead the way, boss.

Egidio left, shaken, but relieved. Ezio began to lead the guards through Rome. Depending on the route Ezio took, the guards would indicate whether or not he was going the right way.

  • Guard: Now we are going the right way.
  • Guard: Soon the party will be all around us.
  • Guard: We're on track.
  • Guard: Now we are making good time.
  • Guard: We are nearly there.
  • Guard: I hope they let us go inside.
  • Guard: Soon we will be there.
  • Guard: Where are we going?
  • Guard: I am not questioning your authority...but should we get going?
  • Guard: Signore (Sir), are you all right?
  • Guard: The route you are taking is very...interesting. I would not have gone this way, but, who am I?
  • Guard: Isn't the Banker the other way?
  • Guard: Do you think he's forgotten where we're going?

Eventually Ezio reached the Banker's party and handed the money chest over to a guard.


Ezio arrived at the party and the guards began to search for Ezio as the Assassin hunted down the Banker.


  • To achieve full synchronization, Ezio must reach the destination in less than 3 minutes.
  • The name of this memory is derived from the quote: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," which means to act like others do (that is, to blend in).


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