AC3 Lincoln's Sword

George Washington's Battle Sword

The replica of Washington's Battle Sword was a sword obtainable by Ratonhnhaké:ton during the 18th century. It could be crafted through the use of materials from the residents of the Davenport Homestead


This is an identical copy of the battle sword he first crafted for Commander George Washington. It's an exceptional Hanger-type sword has a slightly curved & grooved steel blade, silver mounter cross-guard and pommel with a dyed ivory grip and silver strip decoration. Surprisingly, the grip's form is reminiscent of a cutlass. The original sword was made by John Bailey, an immigrant cutler from Sheffield, England, who moved to Fishkill, New York in 1778.

Weapon statistics

Damage Speed Combo Cost Crafting
5 5 5 N/A Level 4 Blacksmith
Silver Ore + Special Iron Ingot


AC3 Washington's Battle Sword

Lincoln's Sword, used as the model for Washington's Sword in the main game