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A warrior bow is a bow designed to accommodate the nocking and firing of multiple arrows simultaneously in a manner akin to that of the much more technologically advanced shotgun.

Weapon statistics

Name Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Aldebaran Rare 86 1117 Precision II

Bleeding on Hit I

Blacksmith, Loot
Battos’ Bow Rare 87 1117 Precision II

Critical Hit Damage II

Complete Founding Father.
The Crimson Death Legendary 89 1117 Precision II

Combo Multiplier I

Health for Critical

Nomad's Bazaar
Crown Jewel Rare Precision II

Adrenaline on Kill II

Unlocked through Uplay
The Fourth Plague Legendary 93 1127 Precision IV

Critical Hit Damage II

Health on Hit

Blacksmith, Loot
Hippopotamus Charge Rare 86 1128 Precision I

Critical Hit Rate I

Blacksmith, Loot
Jackal's Gaze Legendary 95 1056 Precision IV

Bleeding on Hit III

Health on Hit

Helix Store
Khryselakatos Legendary 92 1138 Precision II

Adrenaline on Kill II

Elevation Multiplier

Blacksmith, Loot
Nekhbet's Wing Legendary Purchase the Almighty Pack DLC.
Priest of Ma'at Rare 88 1067 Precision II

Bleeding on Hit II

Defeat The Hammer in Cyrene Gladiator Arena.
Rain of Arrows Common 84 1119 Precision I Blacksmith, Loot
Scales of Truth Legendary 93 1138

Precision IV

Critical Hit Damage I

Extra Arrow

Complete the Trials of Anubis, Sobek and Sekhmet once before completing any one of them one more time.
Sty Common Precision III Blacksmith, Loot
Til-Tuba Bow Common Precision I Blacksmith, Loot
Wall of Sand Common 84 1107 Precision II Blacksmith, Loot
Wings of Ashur Legendary 91 1117 Precision III

Adrenaline on Hurt II

Elevation Multiplier

Helix Store, Nomad's Bazaar