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AC2 CA 011 BluntAxe

A warhammer, alongside a mace and an axe

Warhammers were a type of medium-ranged weapons. They were used as primary weapons by guards and Assassins, and could be purchased from blacksmiths.

Warhammers functioned much like swords and maces, but differed in style and characteristics. Using a warhammer sacrificed speed for damage, and attacks were intended for smashing and breaking limbs, rather than the thrusting and cutting of swords.

All types of warhammers could be bought from any blacksmith, except for the most powerful one available, the Condottiero War Hammer. This could only be purchased in Monteriggioni,[1] or from any blacksmith in Rome after the fall of Cesare Borgia.[2] The Prussian War Hammer could also be bought in Constantinople.[3]


15th centuryEdit

Name Damage Speed Deflect Cost
Mercenario War Hammer 1 1 3 1,900ƒ
Maul 2 1 2 3,600ƒ
Flanged Mace 3 3 3 10,500ƒ
Cavalieri Mace 4 2 2 20,800ƒ
Condottiero War Hammer 5 3 4 35,000ƒ

16th centuryEdit

Name Damage Speed Deflect Cost
Mercenario War Hammer 1 3 5 2,750ƒ
Cavelieri Mace 2 1 1 6,400ƒ
Condottiero Mace 3 5 3 11,600ƒ
Condottiero War Hammer 5 3 4 17,200ƒ
Prussian War Hammer 1 3 3 2,542 Akce



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