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This article is about the war machines used in Den Defense. You may be looking for Leonardo's War Machines.

Assassins using Greek Fire against the Byzantines

War machines were heavily armored mechanical devices used by both the Byzantine Templars and the Turkish Assassins during conflicts against each other, to siege and control towers in and around the city and districts of Constantinople, which helped them monitor and control the surrounding area according to their specifications.

War MachinesEdit

Greek FireEdit

Main article: Greek Fire

An incendiary mechanical device, this flamethrower-styled contraption was first created by the Byzantines, who closely guarded its secret as a military device. The jet of Greek Fire fired from the machine inflicted heavy damage to everything in its surroundings.

Later, the Assassins would use Greek Fire alongside their barricades, to protect their Dens against the Byzantine assaults.

Machine GunEdit

Main article: Machine Gun

Identical to the machine gun of Leonardo da Vinci, this ballistic weapon was technologically far ahead for its time, and fired bullets at targets within a short to medium range in quick succession. The machine gun was mainly used to provide cover for troops on foot.

Later, the Assassins mounted machine guns on barricades to gun down incoming Byzantines.


Main article: Cannons

As an artillery device, the Cannon fired projectiles from a far distance and was effective at destroying barricades. Although cannons were in large numbers at a time, unlike other war machines, these were relatively easily damaged and destroyed.

The Assassins also used cannons, utilized to attack the Byzantines from a distance to great effect. Later, they began to mount a lighter cannon on their barricades, for close range support.

Battering RamEdit

Battering rams consisted of a large wooden, hollow-prismed wheeled frame with a metal covering and a sharpened log. Used as siege engines by the Byzantines, the ram was able to easily destroy barricades set up by Assassins, and were large in size.


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