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Walled Obelisk
Walled Obelisk Database image
Political information

Imperial District, Constantinople

The Walled Obelisk (also known as the Constantine Obelisk) was a stone obelisk situated at the southern end of the Hippodrome of Constantinople.


The 32 meter-high obelisk was constructed of roughly cut stone during the reign of Constantine VII. Its exact construction date is unknown, but it is named after Constantine VII after he repaired it in the 10th century. At that time, it was reportedly decorated with gilded bronze plaques that portrayed the victories of Basil I who was the grandfather of Constantine VII. Also there was a sphere at the top of obelisk. However, reportedly these gilded bronze plaques were stolen and melted down by Fourth Crusaders in 1204.

Since young Janissaries liked to use the obelisk to climb and show their prowess, the obelisk suffered further damage to its surface.


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