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Flag of Wales
Political information
Ruling body

United Kingdom

Other factions

British Army
British Templars
British Assassins

Historical information
Date founded

1057 (Unification by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn)
3 March 1284 (Statute of Rhuddlan)
1535 (Laws in Wales Act)

Wales is a constituent country of the United Kingdom, located on the western-most part of the island of Great Britain. Wales was the birth place of a number of notable figures, including the future pirate and Assassin, Edward Kenway in 1693, and the pirate and Sage Bartholomew Roberts in 1682.[1]

The maternal grandmother of Jacob and Evie Frye was Welsh.[2]


  • Both the Jackdaw and the Jack Snipe are named after birds frequently found in Wales.


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