Vivian was a British citizen living in London in the mid-nineteenth century.

Vivian was a regular passenger of the 616 train between London and Wales. Working with the barman, Vivian ran a little scheme. The barman would slip sedatives to rich men, which Vivian would then seduce and lead to her sleeping carriage. There, they would fall asleep before anything else could happen, and the following morning, they would pay Vivian, believing to have had a fun night.

In 1868, two wealthy industrialists, Matthew Killian and Angus Wolf, boarded the train, and the barman drugged both of them. Vivian chose the richest of the two, leading Killian to her sleeper. There, she found an anonymous note, asking her to come to the restaurant carriage. Vivian immediately complied, but found that no one there had been looking for her. Upon her return to her own carriage, Killian was gone.

The following night, Vivian, along with all the other passengers of the train, was interrogated by Jacob and Evie Frye, two Assassins who were investigating Killian's murder. After being confronted with a letter from her sister, Vivian confessed to her scheming, but she denied any knowledge of the murder.