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ACS Victor Lynch
"I've heard about you! Blighters! Do away with this nuisance!"
―Lynch threatening the Frye twins, 1868.[src]

Victor Lynch (unknown – 1868) was a British Templar and one of the seven Blighters gang leaders that controlled London's boroughs up to 1868.


"Now to blow you to smithereens!"
―Lynch during the gang war, 1868.[src]

Victor Lynch was born into an extremely wealthy family, allowing him to use his family's money to finance his life, eliminating his need to work. He spent most of his free time experimenting with dangerous chemicals, which was the only thing that kept boredom at bay.

Due to these experiments, Lynch became known throughout the Strand as someone who was to be feared, since he cared more about the results of his experiments than he did about the people around him.

The Grand Master of the Templar Order, Crawford Starrick, chose Lynch to be one of the seven leaders of the Blighters, a street gang dominating London's streets. After being trained by Maxwell Roth, Lynch was given control over the Strand, where he proved himself to be a passionate leader.

In 1868, the twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye arrived in the city, and started working with Henry Green to free London from the Templars that had held it for decades. With the help of the Rooks, they fought the Blighters in the Strand, eventually leading up to a gang war. Despite his electric-chemical bombs, Victor Lynch was bested in combat and killed, ending his reign over the borough.


  • Victor Lynch shared his surname with Joseph and Callum Lynch; it is unknown if he is actually related to them, however.
  • Although in his progression tracker image, Victor wears a top-hat, he does not in the actual game.