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Viana Castle 4
Political information
Ruling body

Count of Lerin, 1507

Other factions

Viana guards

Historical information
Additional information
Notable landmarks

Viana Castle

Assassination targets

Cesare Borgia

Viana is a small town and region located in Navarre, northern Spain. In 1507, Cesare Borgia was killed during the Siege of Viana, and was later buried there.


Siege of VianaEdit

King John III of Navarre ordered his brother-in-law, Cesare Borgia, who had just escaped from prison, to lead his 10,000 men to Viana, in order to retake the Viana Castle from Louis de Beaumont, the Count of Lerin.

On learning of Cesare's location from the Apple of Eden, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Mentor of the Italian Assassins, traveled to Viana to assassinate the Templar Grand Master. In 1507, Ezio and Cesare finally confronted each other for their last battle.

Castel VianaEdit

Viana was also home to Castel Viana, a large fortified palace held by Louis de Beaumont. The castle was an extremely strong natural fortification, and due to it being almost impenetrable, Cesare had to rely on wearing his opponent out to win the battle.




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