Vespasian (Latin: Titus Flāvius Caesar Vespasiānus Augustus; 17 November 9 – 23 June 79) was a Roman Emperor, reigning from 69 until his death. He was the founder of the Flavian dynasty.

During his reign, Vespasian undertook several great construction projects, including the Colosseum, a large amphitheatre built atop an Isu Temple, as well as restoring the Aqua Claudia.

According to legend, Vespasian's last words were "Pity, I think I'm turning into a god.", a reference to the deification process which occured to deceased Roman Emperors. Following his death, Vespasian was succeeded by his son Titus, who ordered the construction of the Temple of Vespasian in his honor.


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