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FC Vautour

The Vautour anchored in Port-au-Prince

The Vautour was a French merchant ship active during the Maroon rebellion. After much bargaining with Port-au-Prince's governor Pierre, Marquis de Fayet, the French scientist Louis Godin managed to secure the vessel for his geodesic expedition, alongside its secret purpose of smuggling.

While Godin gathered together a manuscript noting literate slaves for the expedition's record-keeping purposes, this document was switched by the Assassin Adéwalé to favor both his Order and the Maroons' drive for independence, based on the navigational secrets the journey would reveal. However, as the Vautour prepared to set sail, it was trailed and set upon by pirates. Eager to secure the acquisition of the scientific knowledge and protect the lives of his Maroon recruits, Adéwalé captained his vessel Experto Crede and sunk the attackers, ensuring the Vautour could continue its journey.



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