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Right Hand Man 7

Edward interrogating Vargas

Vargas (unknown – 1716) was a Templar operating in the West Indies during the early 18th century, and an associate of Lucia Márquez. He possessed a residence in Grand Cayman, which was used by Lucia as an improvised headquarters after she was assigned the elimination of Opía Apito, a Master Assassin running a bureau somewhere around the Cayman Islands.

His residence was later located by the pirate Edward Kenway and Opía Apito, who sought to track down and kill Lucia. Announcing their presence, Edward and Opía spooked Vargas and caused him to flee the house to his ship, which was soon disabled by his pursuers' vessel in naval combat. Mortally wounded in the ensuing battle, Vargas revealed Lucia had fled to Isla de la Juventud, before succumbing to his wounds.



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