Hey guys,

I'm relatively new here on the forums, but I've had this really cool idea and I decided to share it with you, and I'd really appreciate feedback on it!

The assassin is Richard Sharpe, a British soldier in the newly-formed 95th Rifles Regiment. The Rifles are the best sharpshooters in the British army, known as "Chosen Men". Sharpe has been recently promoted to the rank of officer after saving the life of Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington, from several French horsemen while he was slowly riding around his army's camp in Talavera, Spain.

Unfortunately for Sharpe, his promotion to officer does not sit well with the Chosen Men of the 95th (as they're not used to being commanded by a man of the ranks such as Sharpe), nor with his superiors (as they are gentlemen and believe a man such as Sharpe belongs in the ranks). Around this time Sharpe joined the Assassins, as shown by the insignia on his hat here and on his back here.

Campaigning into French-controlled Spain during the Napoleonic Wars with the whole 95th, Sharpe and several Chosen Men are sent into the hills to provide covering fire should the 95th be attacked by French soldiers. A few of the Chosen Men that accompany Sharpe are:

  • Patrick Harper, a proud Irishman that dislikes Sharpe at first, but eventually forms an intense bond of friendship with him. An ideal first Assassin recruit, similar to Stephane Chapheau.
  • Daniel Hagman, a former poacher and the best shot in Sharpe's company. He chose to enlist over imprisonment or transportation. He is also the oldest in the company. He would likely be similar to Clipper Wilkinson.
  • Harris, an alcoholic scholar whose first name is never revealed in the books. ("Harris" is presumed to be Benjamin Harris, who actually served in the 95th Rifles and whose memoirs were the main source of information for the author of Sharpe, Bernard Cornwell)
  • Two other named Rifles, Cooper and Perkins, with Perkins not officially a rifleman until the completion of the company's first mission to liberate a Spanish city under the control of a small French army.

Sharpe and his men (there are more than the three above, but they're the main ones) go on to participate in several major battles under Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, including the Battle of Talavera, in which Sharpe's Chosen Men, under covering fire from the South Essex Regiment, flanked a French advance and captured an Imperial Eagle (a French standard), the second Siege of Badajoz, in which Sharpe himself was first over the walls, followed by his Chosen Men after a failed Forlorn Hope by another regiment, and finally the Battle of Waterloo, in which several of Sharpe's Chosen Men died, and Sharpe himself in anger fired a long range shot at Prince William of Orange, who was present and actually wounded during the real Battle of Waterloo (Because it was Prince William that made made a tactical blunder in which Sharpe's men were killed). Now that would be a cool "final assasination"!

I hope you liked reading through this idea guys, and be sure to tell me what you think, as feedback is always appreciated! If you want me to expand on this idea, just say so! I'd be happy to do it if anyone was interested!


Younghappy :)

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