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    Stun Taunts

    January 8, 2013 by XxXCroftXxX

    Hey :)

    I was playing a game of Artifact Assault and I found that if you taunt someone while stunning them it will give you a new taunt.

    For example the Red Coat will tell you that no one will mourn you death, but after a stun she can say

    "Like a little girl, I leant from the best how 'bout you?", I hope you appreciate my artistry, Mangy dog or You hideous Creature"

    I think thats really cool :P

    (plus some of these would suffice in a real life situation :P)

    The Animi pages I've edited recently were the 'stun taunts' of different charcters. The Red Coat has five so I'm guesing the others do too :)

    Help me find them all :D


    XxXCroftXxX (talk)Croft

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