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  • Xeno126

    I played ac3 multiplayer it sucked felt lazy and Stiff as hell no real way to fight all stealth or stalking and a lazy pass (I know the uplay is being phased out) which you have to pay money for and the multiplayer could have been more redeemable if it had naval or a mode with the fleet fighting vs your friends as the Ai pose no threat at all. It also bad because it takes away from the story. This can be fixed by having a different company or section of Ubisoft work on it separately. Lastly in the end there is really no need to play ac4 multiplayer its 100% optional which is sad considering the ship mechanics could be implemented into multiplayer I hope they improve multiplayer phase it out or make a multiplayer only title. bottom line mul…

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  • Xeno126

    Adewale or one of his relatives joins in the great Haitian revolution 50 of the game takes place during it and the other percent is the clash of Templars vs assassins as they both try to take rule of the island look it up on the wikpedia page pricing should be 30 dollars if it came out and die to the extended timeline this also could be unity dlc anyone?

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  • Xeno126

    To add hilarity and some Comic relief I have made this blog

    First theory ET the game was a Templar plot and the 1982through85 crash was caused by assassins whom prevented the templet puppet company Lin from controlling part of the populace then the. A new battle came in the console war the xbox Templar the ps3 assassins and Nintendo a well you come up with it now you come up with a stupid assassins creed theory (this is not hate) Read more >
  • Xeno126

    Its price has slighly reduced and I do like pirates. But it also was released a year after 3 and that may reduce its quality. let me know in the comments below.

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  • Xeno126

    I need help I've become an addict to bf4 I just had ac2 sitting there waiting just like my copy of wolfenstien what should I do on a side note where can I get revalations and brotherhood cheap let me know

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