As we all know by now, Lucy was a triple agent from the beginning of the series. She was pretending to work for Abstergo, but was actually working for the Assassins. THEN, we find out she was pretending to work for the Assassins, but secretly working for the Templars. If any of you played AC1, 2, or Brotherhood, then you know that she appeared blue in Eagle Vision. Some people (including myself) wonder why this is.

In the articles it says that it's because Desmond thought he could genuinely trust her, but I beg to differ. They use Eagle Vision to find out if they can trust them. Could this be because he actually COULD trust her? Maybe the rest of the Assassins couldn't, but possibly she would never purposefully cause Desmond harm?

If there was already a discussion with a solid answer, link it with respect. I apologize for bringing this up again if there has already been a decision. If there has not been, please, leave your thoughts below.

Upon further investigation, in Brotherhood her footprints appear red. Now this could be a development error, or just showing us how to get back to the Villa. BUT, could it possibly symbolize her villainous path to her allegiance with the Templars?

Upon learning of Project Siren, I have noticed that Desmond could NOT trust Lucy, disproving all of my past theories. Could the Lucy as a Templar plot have been thrown in last minute in an attempt to shock players? Or was this intended from the beginning?
Where would you most like to see Assassin's Creed go in the future?

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