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    The first thing that caught my attention the first time I played AC was that sort of disclaimer Ubisoft presents, in which it states that the game was developed by a multicultural team with varied beliefs.

    That seemed respectful, given it’s a game where the main character goes around kicking Christian and Muslim derrière. What also seemed very important was the fact that the game developer is Canadian, “so what?”, you might ask, but bare with me for a bit: you know those guys tend to be really multicultural, respectful and tolerant. If AC was being developed by an entire U.S. based company, we might get Assassin’s Creed III: Freedom Fighters, where the protagonist would have to go around after Nazis or Soviets (or worse: in the 21st century …

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  • Wookieassassin82

    Back to gaming!

    October 11, 2011 by Wookieassassin82

    I was a proud NES generation kid. Then Sega Genesis. After that I had no console. Sigh.

    My younger brother has PS3, and on holiday at home, an uncle that's really into gaming, lend us Assassin's Creed. After a few minutes of playing, I was completely hooked.

    Now, after many years (and after my History BA), I can really relate to AC, specially because I can see the clear differences between what I used to play, and the games like AC that have amazing storylines.

    Now I am an AC fan. I stopped collecting figures some years back, but now I'm looking forward to getting an Ezio Legendary Ivory Assassin, so I can put on top of all those magnificent books...

    Keep on making this wiki amazing!

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