It's no secret (well, to us at least) that AC:Brotherhood will be the first AC to feature a Multi-player mode. And we've all heard of the variety of Templars we're all be able to use, like the Barber, the Hunter, Executioner, Courtesan, etc, etc.

So, I want to know, based on the characters made public so far, who do you plan to use in the New Multi-Player? I've asked this on GameFAQS already, but It's quite slow there. The real talk won't be happening until the game is actually released. That, and I wan't to hear from the people here :P

Me, I'll be using The Harlequin, The Hunter, and The Barber


Harlequin- He (possibly) is my great, great, great, (more greats) grand father....or uncle.....or father's cousin......or sister's nephew.....or some other pointless theories :P

Hunter- He's the most Assassin-looking Templar so far

Barber- Yes, I'll admit, his mustache is stupid-looking, but he's the most inconspicuous guy so far, wearing less extravagant clothes than the others. That, and his weapon is as small as a Double A Battery

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