I dislike them Templars for their slander and lies, but truth be told, I found some them to be of equal appeal as Ezio and Altaïr.

Out of all the Templ-err I'm just repeating the title. Who is the best Templar to you? It could be any of them! From the ones mentioned in the Truth, to the ones that we barely know about at the Portable Spin-offs. I don't know, you decide!

I choose: Armand Bouchart (AC Bloodlines), De Sable and Marco Barbarigo

My reasons:

Armand: I felt like he was a good equal for Altair, and the fight with his was hard, especially if you're playing on the PSP-1000!

De Sable: He has a great voice :P

Marco: We share the same name XD

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