Hey howdy hey everybody! To those who don't know me, I'm the War Clown, head of the Istruttori, mayor of your sub-conscience, president of your brain, and also ambassador of Bowerstone. To those who do know me, well grab a seat and listen to what I'm about to tell you. Brotherhood (church choir music plays O_O) came to my side of the world this past Tuesday, and of course I had to get me one, so I did. I got me a copy (and a free AC Brotherhood Planner Notebook to go along with it ^_^) and popped in the disk the moment I got home.

One word: Epic.

I'll entertain all your AC:BH-related questions. Here's some simple questions I have a feeling y'all gonna ask:

1) Is it really that awesome?
Does Altaïr have a missing finger?

2) Is the combat hard, or what?
Not at all. It's easier than you think.

3) How's the story?
So far so good.

So let the questioning begin. Here's hoping there'll be questions to answer.

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