Interested to know what kinds of weaponry you will be using in the game Assassin's Creed: Revelations? Then, you are in luck as over at IGN, they have a first preview of the weaponry and combat featured in this game.

One interesting aspect about the new combat system is that the buttons have been slightly re-mapped. This new configuration of buttons allows for players to dedicate one hand completely to secondary weapons. Weapons that have been announced include the Ottoman Flintlock Rifle, the Byzantine Mace, the Greek Fire Gun, and the Ottoman Crossbow.

Another aspect of this game is the brotherhood of assassins. This will be making its' return in this game, but with improvements. The assassins will have more developed personalities and stories of their own. Players will also be able to assign classes and weapons to their team.

The use of Eagle Sense becomes more important as Ezio has aged considerably. His new wisdom has him relying on these gifts more exclusively.

Probably the most important new weapon is the Hookblade. The Hookblade allows Ezio to navigate Constantinople, but assault guards and even steal their purses.



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