Assassin's Creed III Cover

Assassin's Creed III is out in stores today. A few critics have weighed in with their thoughts about the game. Here are a few snippets from publications on both the Internet and print. Make sure to voice your opinions on the matter below

Loved It

Score: 100/100
"There is so much story, so much multiplayer, and so much stuff to do that your average 10 hour game should be terribly ashamed of itself. In this economy, you can't do better than Assassins Creed III."

Score: 90/100
"Even when it does finally get going, the designers continue to tutor and nudge you to try the extraordinary range of mini-games and systems that have been arranged for you along the 1700s Eastern Seaboard."

Score: 85/100
"Not everything about the game gels together convincingly and the missions' unnecessary prescriptiveness sometimes undermines the sense of freedom that the rest of the game works so hard to create. But it achieves so much that you can't help but respect it; no other open-world game has ever given us a setting that's as impressive to observe or as full of things to do as this."

Score: 85/100
"Other games stimulate emotion with manipulative music and teary monologues; Assassin's Creed III rouses your mind and your heart by giving you a glimpse into its characters' souls and letting you judge them on their own merits."

Score: 75/100
"Connor is an almost unstoppable force in a combat situation, due in no small part to further simplification of the mechanics established in past games. Differences between melee weapons seem marginal at best and all that seems to be required to overcome any enemy is a small degree of patience in waiting for their inevitable attack so that it can be blocked and countered, opening the opportunity for instant kills of additional enemies."

Thought It Was Okay

No reviewers thought the game was merely ok.

Hated It

No reviewers have hated this game.

Wikian Reviews

Now it's time for Wikian's to review Assassin's Creed III. If you pick up a copy, post your thoughts in the comments or post your own blog!

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