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Has anyone seen this image from AC Unity/Helix??


"Tagedy of Jack du Molay" (1244 - 1314, Historic Grand Templar)

"Murder in Levant": AC I

"Washington and the Wolf": AC III

"The Bladed Cross" (AC Movie with Fassbender Set in Spain??)

"Triumph of the Borgias": AC Brotherhood

"The Emperor's Shadow" (Shao Jun): AC Unity mission in the DLC

"The Liberation of Lady Aveline": AC Liberation

"Jazz Age Junkies" (?????)

"The Lone Eagle" (mission with Haytham Kenway): AC III

"Fear and Loathing in Florence": AC II/Brotherhood

"Devils of the Caribean" ("Movie" made in "Abstergo Entertainment-Montreal"): AC Black Flags

"Hell in Hibernia" (Hibernia=Ireland) Shay Cormac (AC Rogue) is Irish...


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