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Abstergo Personal Employment File by Laetitia England

                                                                                                       Abstergo Industries,  04 August 2009 

Personal Report

Name: Mackay, Vincent

Birth: 11-27-1984 (25 Years Old)

Birthplace: Quebec City, Quebec

Nationality: Canadian

Legal Records: None (Underage Records Sealed for Judge's Orders)


  • Kindergarten and Elementary School at "École Primaire De la Mosaique" (1989 to 1994)
  • Secondary School at "École Secondaire Les Compagnons-de-Cartie" (1995 to 2000)
  • French Lenguage Proficiency C2 Level
  • English Lenguage Proficiency C1 Level
  • German Lenguage Proficiency A2/B1 Level

Military Carreer

  • Inducted into the "Armée Canadienne" (Canadian Land Forces) in 2001
  • Assigned to the "Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal Unit" (Ligth Infantry) at the "34 Canadian Brigade Group (Montreal) - 2nd Canadian Division (Land Force Quebec Area)"  in 2003
  • Entered the "Commandement des Forces d'opérations spéciales du Canada" (Canadian Special Operations Force Command) in early 2004 
  • Assigned to the "Deuxième Force opérationnelle interarmées, FOI 2" (Joint Task Force-2) "Red Unit" in October-2005
  • Received an "Honorable Discharge" from  "Les Forces Armées Canadiennes" (The Canadian Forces) in 2009, Under "Medical Reasons"


  • Basic Military Qualification coursed in the CFLRS/ELRFC Sint-Jean Base (2001-2002)
  • Specialty Military Training coursed in the Farnham Garrison CFLRS, Quebec (2002-2003)
  • Dwyer Hill Training Centre, for the Joint Task Force-2 Training Program (2004 - 2005)
  • One Tour in Irak Conflict (2006-2008):

-Rescue of the "British and Canadian Christian Peacemaker Team" that were being held hostage in Baghdad. March 2006 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Mujahideen Complex, Infomation Extraction. July 2006 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Rebel Complex, V.I.P. Extraction. August 2006(CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Rebel Complex, V.I.P. Extraction. December 2006 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Mujahideen Complex, V.I.P. Extraction. february 2007(CLASSIFIED)

-Rescue of the Military Allied and Canadian Forces Grounded on Combat in Basra. April 2007 (CLASSIFIED)

-Rescue of the Military Allied and Canadian Forces held Hostage in Mujahideen Complex. July 2007 (CLASSIFIED)

-Assault on Mujahideen Complex, Information Extraction. October 2007 (CLASSIFIED)

-Rescue of the Canadian Forces Grounded on Combat in Kerbala. February 2008 (CLASSIFIED)

  • Private "agent" for the "Unity Resource Group". (April 2008 - July 2009) 


  • Health Checking Passed
  • Psychological Tests Passed
  • Personal is ready for induction into one of the available Strike Teams, after the mandatory Training Program.


                                                                                              Laetitia England

                                                                                Operations Division  Abstergo Industries

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