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  • Vatsa1708

    Most of you are familiar with 12's weekly caption contest, which stopped due to his absence and lack of images (thanks to Blaidd and Teller). 12 started this after my frequent posts of random in-game images back in October 2011.

    With the release of Assassin's Creed III, I am hopeful about finding a few more images for caption contests. Although delayed by a week (October 26, 2011), the following image is a reminder of the previous blogs and all the random, yet fun comments..

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  • Vatsa1708

    Hey folks,

    With only two days left until the release of Assassin's Creed III for the consoles, the Staff of this wiki would like to remind the community about a few things.

    First off we'd like to talk about the leaked content. A few people have received their copies of ACIII earlier than the official launch date and most are excited to discuss what they may have watched. However, there are gamers who prefer not to be spoiled of the excitement this series has to offer. Therefore, we request users and anonymous contributors to avoid posting any potential spoilers until the official release of the games.

    A few have already been warned since they decided to ignore the site notice and upload screenshots from ripped videos and adding information. For t…

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  • Vatsa1708

    After a week's delay, the Caption contest for GUNNAR glasses giveaway is open. Any user can post a caption, not just US and UK users. However, only the US and UK users get the glasses, while others are given a 15% discount code that can be used to purchase glasses, if available in your country.

    US and UK users are requested to leave a note along with their caption, helps us sort you guys out among the others. Visitors without an account are advised to create an account and submit their entries. Who knows, you might even win a pair of glasses or the discount code.

    As usual, the rest of the contest rules apply;

    1. Each person is limited to one, and only one, entry.
    2. Any entries made by anonymous users a.k.a. users who haven't logged in or do not have an account,…

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  • Vatsa1708

    Assassin's Creed wiki had an opportunity to conduct a giveaway back in 2011. With its success, we are back with another giveaway. This time we are offering GUNNAR glasses for those hardcore Assassins Creed fans, preparing for Assassin's Creed III.

    Since the amount of glasses available are limited (only 4 pairs, sorry folks), we have decided to give them under three separate categories. We have retained the art and lottery from our previous contest and added what the community liked most when it was active, Caption Contest, open for all registered users.

    The giveaway starts today (September 15) and lasts until September 30th, 2012. See the giveaway page for more contest related details.

    Few basic rules users are expected to follow:

    1. Entrants must be cu…
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  • Vatsa1708

    Blog commenting disabled

    January 17, 2012 by Vatsa1708

    Due to a few minor changes, the blog comments have been disable. This is a temporary issues and will be resolved soon. In the meantime it is suggested user use the Community forums. Thank you..

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