Summary of Events Thus Far


Put The pieces in place

Desmond Miles is being held prisoner by a major corporation called Abstergo. Warren Vidic along with Lucy Stillman are performing scientific test on Desmond in order to retrieve important data that is of intrest to Abstergo. they are using a machine called the animus which is sort of like a jacked up cat-scan that searches a persons DNA strands for memories. The neato thing this machine is that not only does it search the occupants memories, but it searches the occupants ancestors memories as well. As the plot unfolds Vidic forcefully uses Desmond to retrieve these memories for ill means/or good means?....I guess we'll have to see...

Now for the memories...

A long long time ago in some galaxy/planet possibly not so far away. Some highly intelligent race of humanoids decided to put all those smarts into good use. In doing so, they came to a small little blue world called Earth. now on this little planet these "ones who came before" supposedly hooked up with some other humanoids of lesser than average brains and shared some of their knowledge and used them to help create a sort of "paradise" or "Eden". After this the ones who came before decide to make relics of power (almost Lord of the Rings style) These relics were highly advanced items that housed special attributes. To my knowledge There were a certain number of "apple" looking intruments, a staff or spear, a sword, and a grail-chalice-cauldron relic. with all of these relics, The ones who came before governed over their utopia. Well all goes swimmingly until two rebelious slave/workers decided to take an "apple" which caused quite a commotion as well as some sort of cataclysmic event. The people were known as Adam and Eve.

Now, fast forward a number of years to 1191 AD to the time of the crusades and we have this mysterious figure named Altair. He along with others is part of a long line of if we didnt know this...These assassins follow a certain creed "Nothing is true , everything is permitted." Hmm...assassins/creed...oh!?...Assassin's Creed!...its all so clear now! We continue with the Templars. As far as we know, the Templars are at war with the Assassins. The reason being...Pieces of Eden. Well, Altair is tasked by Al Mualim (Master assassin jedi pwner) to go forth and kill the conspirators of The Knights Templar and in doing this find this Piece of Eden, bring it to me, and get lost. A couple of hidden blade stabs later Altair completes his task and Al Mualim reveals that He himself is a Templar and was using Altair to kill of the other templars sos he could have the Piece of Eden all to his greedy little self. Al Mualim then monologues on how all of past historic events were illusions caused by this "apple" he now possesses. He then goes on a spiel about his illusions of grandeur and how he will use the apple itself to bring peace and prosperity and become a god himself. Well Altair shove a blade in his big mouth and takes the apple which sprouts a holographic image of the world with locations of other pieces of eden. Roll Credits. At the end game, Desmond subconsciously (and unknowingly to Vidic) receives Altair's eagle vision power (a mystical power which allows Altair to reveal hidden clues within the game) With this power, Desmond uses it to reveal hidden messages written in blood all over the place where he is kept prisoner. It is revealed that Desmond is the 17th person they have used to extract memories from and that the blood belonged to subject 16 and apparent relative of Desmonds. The most interesting thing about the blood is that it was written in codes and drawings that depict possibles foreshadowing of things to be revealed at later times and the most intersting of them all....The apparent end of the world..2012...wich according to the game, is coming up pretty soon.

The second installment opens up with Lucy helping Desmond escape Abstergo. They arrive at a secluded warehouse and team up with some other peeps who are tech savvy and have created a better (even more comfortable) animus. They say that they are also assassins and they are trying to find the other pieces of eden before the Abstergo Templars do, but they still can't do it without Desmond...

Now Fast Forward some more years to The Renaissance in the 15th century. Here we have Ezio Auditore da Frienze, a young noble on the top of the world. Well long story short. Ezio's pops and two bros gets the lynch from some backstabbing would be friend and Ezio vows for revenge on the people who condemned his family. What at first starts out as a bloodlust vendetta soon unravels into a full blown out political conspiracy of Assassins and Templars who have been waring for centuries. Ezio is aided throughout his quest by numerous people inculding: His uncle Mario (who teaches fighting techniques), and Leonardo da Vinci (his gadget man). Ezio takes on the mantle of his father and follows the footsteps to be the assassin he was ment to be. The plot unfolds as Ezio kills off members of the conspiracy and who is behind it all...Rodrigo Borgia. Well Rdrigo has obtained Altairs Piece of Eden and plans to take over the Vatican with it. Ezio foils his plans and collects the "apple" and is greated by every person he has helped along the way including Machiavelli. They reveal themselves to be assassins and tell Ezio that he is the "Prophet" who will reveal the location of the secret vault that will give the locations of the other pieces of eden. the game fast forwards (due to corrupted data) to 1499 the year when Rodrigo Borgia has attained the rank of Pope Alexander VI. The codex pages that were scattered throughout Rome from and ancient text have been collected and deciphered to reveal that the Papal Staff (popes cane) is another piece of eden. Nedless to say Ezio beats up the pope using the "apple" to create illusions and gets the staff which allows him entry into the secret vault in the Vatican. when Ezio gets in the vault a holographic figure appears and reveals her self to be called Minerva a supposed goddess of Rome/Greek... you get the idea...She tells Ezio that her message is for Desmond Miles and not him. The message goes just like I explained in the first paragraph. Ones who came before, war broke out, disaster occured killing mostly everyone, blah, blah, blah. She states that the ones who survived built temples the best they could to warn humanity that these cataclysmic events will occur again and that they could prevent it somehow. End...or is it....Abstergo catches up with the assassin team but they fight their way out and are now traveling to some islands up north to find the rest of these temples, vaults, peices of eden, you name it their going to find it...hopefully.

Now I can finally tell whoever wants to listen or theorize about what I think will happen next from what I have been piecing we go.

For starters I'd like to delve into the "naming of the characters"

Altair = "The flying one, bird of prey, eagle"

Ezio = "The flying one, bird of prey, eagle"

Lucy Stillman = Lucy - "Name of a saint as well as name given to remains of supposed first humanoid", Stillman - "still=fishing tool, man=man so fisherman and if you delve further with this, you can theorize that her name is derived from the biblical "fisherkings"...look it up.

Warren Vidic = "Warren - To hold or guard, Vidic - is Yugoslavian in orgin, but thats all I could find."

Abstergo = "To Cleanse"

Desmond Miles = "Desmond - From South Munster which is in Ireland, Miles - latin for soldier, knight, also could be named for "Mil Espania" or soldier from spain. Mil Espania was the ancestor of the final inhabitants of Ireland... The "Milesians" (sons of Mil) these inhabitants were last in a long list of inhabitants that fought for the Emerald isle that is Ireland. The "mythological" battles spanned over years and years with many accounts of supernatural occurances, fantastical "relics" and "weapons" and "biblical" happenings....hmmm...anyone beginning to see some connections?

Okay, so Desmond name doesn't really follow his ancestors (eagle, bird of prey), but what it offers is a glimpse of what could possibly go down in a later game or make you own guess here. What I have been finding out, though, is very interesting and all to obvious at times. So now I'll go a little deeper into the whole "Ireland" theory...

Historical Ireland

Ahh...The Emerald Isle...and home of some of the sickest most harcore mythology to's like Lord of the Rings meets the apocalypse. I wont go into detail really because the myths surrounding Ireland get way too complicated so I will focus on the group of inhabitants that are way to closly related to the assassin's creed series.

The Tuatha Dé Danann

The Tuatha Dé Danann were descended from Nemed, (leader of a previous wave of inhabitants of Ireland.) They came from four northern cities, Falias, Gorias, Murias and Finias, where they acquired their occult skills and attributes. They arrived in Ireland, on or about May 1 on dark clouds, although later versions rationalise this by saying they burned their ships to prevent retreat, and the "clouds" were the smoke produced. Led by their king, Nuada, they fought the First Battle of Magh Tuiredh on the west coast, in which they defeated and displaced the native Fir Bolg, who then inhabited Ireland. In the battle, Nuada lost an arm to their champion, Sreng. Since Nuada was no longer "unblemished", he could not continue as king and was replaced by the half-Fomorian Bres, who turned out to be a tyrant. The physician Dian Cecht replaced Nuada's arm with a working silver one and he was reinstated as king. However, Dian Cecht's son Miach was dissatisfied with the replacement so he recited the spell, "ault fri halt dí ⁊ féith fri féth" (joint to joint of it and sinew to sinew), which caused flesh to grow over the silver prosthesis over the course of nine days and nights.[7][8] However, in a fit of jealous rage Dian Cecht slew his own son. Because of Nuada's restoration as leader, Bres complained to his family and his father, Balor, king of the Fomorians. The Tuatha Dé Danann then fought the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh against the Fomorians. Nuada was killed by the Fomorian king Balor's poisonous eye, but Balor was killed himself by Lugh, the champion of the Tuatha Dé, who then took over as king. A third battle was fought against a subsequent wave of invaders, the Milesians (uh, oh! I spy a connection!), from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (present day Galicia and Northern Portugal), descendants of Míl Espáine (who are thought to represent the Goidelic Celts). The Milesians encountered three goddesses of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Ériu, Banba and Fodla, who asked that the island be named after them; Ériu is the origin of the modern name Éire, and Banba and Fodla are still sometimes used as poetic names for Ireland. Their three husbands, Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht and Mac Gréine, who were kings of the Tuatha Dé Danann at that time, asked for a truce of three days, during which the Milesians would lie at anchor nine waves' distance from the shore. The Milesians complied, but the Tuatha Dé Danann created a magical storm in an attempt to drive them away. The Milesian poet Amergin calmed the sea with his verse, then his people landed and defeated the Tuatha Dé Danann at Tailtiu. When Amergin was called upon to divide the land between the Tuatha Dé Danann and his own people, he cleverly allotted the portion above ground to the Milesians and the portion underground to the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Tuatha Dé Danann were led underground into the Sidhe mounds by The Dagda...phew!

okay to recap...Tuatha Dé Danann = were like god kings who knew "magic" they arrived on this Island that was at the time seen as a "paradise" and they decided to forcefully stay during that time they supposedly brought with them from other cities "Four Magical Treasures". other cities/planets, Four Treasures/pieces of eden. Other wars broke out against a group called the Milesians or Sons of Mil Espania...remember that guy. The Milesians won the battle...or did they..perhapse as a last minute resort theTuatha Dé Danann activated some catastrophic event and killed off most everything...this theory will probably be coupled with another theory I'll write later.

A note on the "Four Treasures" They inculde...

A Stone

A Spear

A Sword

and A Cauldron

Notice any similarities with the peices of eden already found

The stone is the apple from AC1

The Spear would be the staff from AC2

If you noticed from the glyphs the (golden) sword is, well, the sword

and the cauldron...I'm gonna go out on limb here...would be the cup of christ/holy grail

So we already have two of the where could the other two be?...hmm...well, there is a picture of a golden sword you will find in the glyph puzzle "Instruments of Power" and it said to be one of the pieces of eden in that specific glyph. File:Golden sword.jpg

So now where do we go from here...the only place to go...The tale of King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Arthurian Myth in Historic Ireland

This just a guesstimation on what could possibly go down in AC3...The Story will open up with our brave team of assassins traveling to some secluded place up north (quite possibly some islands near Greenland (note that they will possibly be within sailing distance of Ireland). The team will most likely be putting all the pieces together from the events unraveled from Ezio's past, the glyph puzzles, the rantings of subject 16 and codex pages. with this information they will possibly be able to get a lock on where to go next with Desmond's genetic memories.

My guess is that we open up the ancestral part of the story with the birth of Lancelot's son Galahad.

It should also be noted that the name "Galahad" means "hawk from Gilead" which in turn keeps up with the subsequent naming of the hero in the previous games eagle-flying one-hawk

You'll spend time growing up at the tutelage of your father, much like Ezio in AC2, and you'll learn fighting techniques and the like, do various errands and miscellaneous quests at which point you'll be brought to Camelot to meet Arthur and the rest of the knights. one of the stories goes: Galahad enters the place where the round table resides and looks for a place to sit. He spies an empty chair and meanders over to it. Unaware to him he is about to rest on "the siege perilous" a magical chair Merlin himself created in order to pinpoint the one knight pure enough to embark upon the quest for the grail. However if the one who decides to sit in the siege perilous isn't the chosen one he will be killed instantly. Sir Galahad the oblivious sits down before the other knights realize and.....nothing happens. Well, Merlin leans to Arthur and the both nod. Arthur then knights Galahad (without mentioning the siege perilous) and from here we can expect the game to take flight. The struggle between assassins and templars will reveal even more revelations and startling discoveries. Again this is all speculation and it is what could possibly happen if at all. Arthur wages war with (i beleive either an illegitimate son or a relative of sorts) "Mordred" He could possibly be in charge of the templar order at this time and is the high priority target. Another interesting note is that in an alternate tale of the Arthurian legend Mordred somehow comes into posession of Arthurs sword called clarent, which is used for knighting purposes, (Excalibur can be substituted for Clarent in this case) now Mordred has possesion of Excalibur which if you remember could be the golden sword in the "instruments of power" glyph. Arthur could task you with retrieving the sword from Mordred through the "subtraction" method or "assassinating Mordred's line of command aka other members of the templars". In doing this you'll be granted a vision of the grail and its location, but due to some messed up turn of events you'll never receive the grail only learn of its last location which would be Avalon aka Isle of apples aka "Eden". Then the game would shift to the second half where you attain the role of Desmond. Keeping in tradition of assassins creed games Desmond receives special attributes from his guess would be "grail vision" where Desmond knows the exact location of the grail aka the final piece of eden. Now it'll be a race against time to get the pieces and save the world from vidic and Abstergo....or is it.....

There is another idea I've been toying around with...what if it turned out that King Arthur and his knights were the Templars and Mordred and his followers were part of the assassins...lets think about it...Galahad is an illegitimate son of Lancelot to King Pelleas' daughter Elaine. Lancelot could have inpregnated Mordreds wife or wife to be and in turn angered King Pelleas and Mordred, and Galahad would have been born into the wrong line of family. Instead of being raised an assassin he is raised as a templar. Well if this were the case lets say Galahad is trained in various fighting techniques and is sent on a few skirmishes with his supposed brother knights to eradicate members of the assassin guild. In secret Merlin could be working for the assassins and could pull Galahad to the side to give him the low-down on what he was his true identity should have assassin. So in secret you'll be trained by Merlin in the ways of the assassin while keeping up appearances for the templars.

With this in mind Ubisoft could then again improve on the RPG elements in the game and even add a splintercell: double agent-like system into the game...and even further push the envelope with a good or bad ending to the game. It would start in the Arthurian portion of the game where you (Galahad) will eventually choose sides depending on your actions throughout the story. I'm sure that Ubisoft could come up with some amazing plot twists for this idea...So anyway you could speculate that with the money you earn from quest between the two guilds you can repair their coinciding cities vis a vi Camelot and Corbin......Well before I go too far I will leave the rest to further speculation. Happy hunting!

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