Theories of the Future

    December 4, 2009 by VFOXHOUNDv

    Summary of Events Thus Far

    Desmond Miles is being held prisoner by a major corporation called Abstergo. Warren Vidic along with Lucy Stillman are performing scientific test on Desmond in order to retrieve important data that is of intrest to Abstergo. they are using a machine called the animus which is sort of like a jacked up cat-scan that searches a persons DNA strands for memories. The neato thing this machine is that not only does it search the occupants memories, but it searches the occupants ancestors memories as well. As the plot unfolds Vidic forcefully uses Desmond to retrieve these memories for ill means/or good means?....I guess we'll have to see...

    Now for the memories...

    A long long time ago in some galaxy/planet possibly no…

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