I really hate watiing and i'm sure you guys do too, But its kiiling me to see more and more trailers and videos of Assassin's Creed III, and i still don't have the F****** game! All anger aside every since i pre-ordered it about 2 weeks ago (the join or die edition specifically :D) the excitment is really getting to me and and i'm sure its getting to those who have pre-ordered their copy or are waiting to buy from stores.

Well, where do i start, Ever since my Assasin's Creed obsession arose in 2007 i have been itching to get new installments and now with Ubi's Biggest installment on its way in just under a months time, my obsession has gone crazy. I have been researching everything Assassin's Creed, from the AC French comic to the locations featured in ACII, i have gone AC mad.

Now that trailers and videos can no longer quench my thirst for Assassin's Creed III, i have sought comfort from previous installments, Especially Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Considering that the story is perticularly short, it does have a lot of side quests and unlockables, but i have most of those. except for some of the shop quests and flags, but those being very lengthy and time consuming i have turned my eye to Syncing myself 100% with Ezio. Witch is fun until you actually do it then you think, what now?

So i turn my interest to Revelations and its mission's but, when i climbed to the top of the Galata tower in Constantinople and looked out across the city and thought, I'm really bored.

But then when i saw this comment on a blog post yesterday my eyes lit up, new young connor gamplay from this GT.TV video and i watched it.

It certainly looked cool, but it differed little from normal Connor gamplay, the running, climbing and where and how he stepped was awfully similar, but they did seem a little unrefined, compared to when he is older, this is probably due to him still learning how to be an Assassin.

But Ubi's definately earned my respect on this one. Comment, and tell me and others how you are coping without the game so far, cause i'm dying here.


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