Everyone seems really excited as we get nearer and nearer to release day, i'm glad i pre ordered my copy because, the store will be out of ACIII's faster than as if it was the last COD, but i'm not gonna drone on about the gameplay becase even if your an avid fan of the series, you'll already know quite a bit about the gameplay yourself.

But i think we'd all like to see a little snippet of Desmond gameplay because lets be honest, he's an awesome character, what we have seen though is how he walks, if you have seen the sucky guy playing the Fort Walcott mission, you will have noticed that in the few seconds that he controls desmond on the loading area, he walks and shifts his weight like connor does, now i find this interesting because i'd imagine that if, that Desmond had identical moves and climbing capabilities to that of pre-assassin Ezio, though this is very cool, i liked the way Desmond wasn't an instant assassin and that he had to learn first, and so if they have changed his walk then maybe the've changed everything else and maybe he climbs identical to connor.

But i don't find this plausible since everyone knows that Connor is a lot more bulkier that Ezio or Altair, so he makes more of an effort when running and climbing etc, but Desmond doesn't have that bulk so he, in turn, shouldn't be capable of such free running skills.

But there's two sides to everything and two blades to an Assassin, having that gameplay work for desmond would be cool and it would probably add to his major popularity as a character.

If you liked my first blog then let me know and i'll do another.


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