• Trever09

    Hi, i finally found a reason to do another blog post, okay right to the point, me and my step brother have been having an argument, about ACIII of course.

    He suggested a new feature for the Assassin's Creed 3 combat, which was that when you are fighting and you counter and throw an opponent into or over a fence it would break upon them hitting it, but i explained to him that Ubi taking time to create such a small feature is unrealistic for them. here some reason i said to him:

    • The time it would take to create such a feature would take too much time for such a small feature.
    • The money it would cost to make, would not be worth the trouble.
    • They also said in an interview that they struggled with the disk space, that is why so many promised featur…
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  • Trever09

    The waiting is horrible!

    October 1, 2012 by Trever09

    I really hate watiing and i'm sure you guys do too, But its kiiling me to see more and more trailers and videos of Assassin's Creed III, and i still don't have the F****** game! All anger aside every since i pre-ordered it about 2 weeks ago (the join or die edition specifically :D) the excitment is really getting to me and and i'm sure its getting to those who have pre-ordered their copy or are waiting to buy from stores.

    Well, where do i start, Ever since my Assasin's Creed obsession arose in 2007 i have been itching to get new installments and now with Ubi's Biggest installment on its way in just under a months time, my obsession has gone crazy. I have been researching everything Assassin's Creed, from the AC French comic to the locations…

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  • Trever09

    Everyone seems really excited as we get nearer and nearer to release day, i'm glad i pre ordered my copy because, the store will be out of ACIII's faster than as if it was the last COD, but i'm not gonna drone on about the gameplay becase even if your an avid fan of the series, you'll already know quite a bit about the gameplay yourself.

    But i think we'd all like to see a little snippet of Desmond gameplay because lets be honest, he's an awesome character, what we have seen though is how he walks, if you have seen the sucky guy playing the Fort Walcott mission, you will have noticed that in the few seconds that he controls desmond on the loading area, he walks and shifts his weight like connor does, now i find this interesting because i'd i…

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