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    Assassin's Diary

    June 3, 2012 by Tready93

    Last few entries of a diary during 16th century

    26th April, 1502 AD

    I have received another mission, worse than any I have ever received before, I have intercepted many letters, spied many meetings, killed many men, I can hide in plain site, steal without anyone ever knowing, and murder someone from 100 feet away with a throwing blade. Yet I am worried, This is no normal mission, I have been instructed to go to London, England, I am to assassinate King Henry VIII, Ezio must have a lot of faith in me, I have been well trained but I fear this will not be an easy operation. I am to leave in two days to carry out my mission.

    27th April, 1502 AD

    My journey starts tomorrow, I must get ready. I learned that he will be staying at a manor in a town called…

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