Someone on Youtube suggested that those footprints in the villa were from a struggle Lucy had with Templars when she was on patrol. He said Lucy had disappeared for a little while because she had been replaced with a Templar agent that looks just like her or she was cloned, which explained why Subject 16 said "She is not who you think she is," and Juno said, "The cross darkens the horizon." Plus, they said she had 9 fingers, not 10 in AC 1 but in AC 2 and Brotherhood, she had 10. I know she folded it back to show Desmond she was an Assassin, but this guy probably didn't understand it when he saw it, and I know the blood is not coincidentally in the form of a double helix. Lucy's eye color --from blue to gray-- was another inconsistency that he mentioned, too. If this is true, I'll flip out. Any thoughts? Strang3Happ3nings 02:16, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

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