Ubisoft Feels the Love

Hello Assassin's Creed Wiki followers, safety and peace to you all!

This month we thought we had seen and heard it all. Sure, we know that over 52,000+ people visit here daily, but what we didn't know was that an extract of said 52,000 people may be famous!

This very month, we discovered that the popular GameInformer Magazine uses our pictures and center|300px|thumb|"What was the name of--of the first Assassin?"
"Hey Corey, what does it say on the wiki?"
"I can't pronounce it"

information as a resource to develop their many Assassin's Creed articles; and we were even featured and thanked (Corey May: "Thank you for making our jobs easier!") in a video by the Ubisoft devs themselves (see righthand side)!

But, if you thought those two previous articles were a good payoff for your hardwork, think again.

On the 21st of Feburary, UbiWorkshop released a n article about the incredible Assassin's Creed Fanbase websites, and they're opinion and thoughts of them. Only four websites actually got mentioned, and which loveable website do you think they discussed about first? If you said "Assassin's Creed Wiki", then hot damn! You are correct!

Ubisoft had actually recommended visiting the Assassin's Creed Wiki to their followers, "This wiki is an amazing source of knowledge about the Assassin's Creed universe..." proclaims article writer Christophe Grandjean; "..needless to say, even some people working on one of more of the games sometimes learn from it."

Read the full article at!


News brought to me by: User:D. Cello

Written by THIEF at 23:59, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

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