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TSACSIG - My New, Stupid Comic Series

ThiefAC December 2, 2010 User blog:ThiefAC

TSACSIG - Turning Serious Assassin's Creed Scenes Into Gags

I'm making a new comic series, called TSACSIG; which stands for "Turning Serious Assassin's Creed Scenes Into Gags".This new comic gives off a "love it or hate it" feel, as it contains very random scenes that may or may not be funny and could be rendered as 'stupid' towards more serious users. If some people like the comic, I'll continue turning scenes into gags. ;-)


Requests for scenes go here:

Assassin's Creed:

Assassin's Creed II:

  • Leonardo and Ezio comic (requested by DanMan7308)

Issue #1: Auditore's Brotherly Bond


Full Screen: Click on 'Full Resolution'

HQ Version (12.4MB):

Disclaimer: This comic was intended not to offend, I am Italian myself and feel okay with it.

Part 2


Full Screen: Click on 'Full Resolution'

HQ Download:

Issue #2: La Volpe's Secret


Full Screen: Click on 'Full Resolution'

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