Congratulations Subject_16* for his "surprise" initiation into the Istruttori guild! Huzzah!

Hello Assassin's Creed Wiki followers, safety and peace to you all!

With a great number of page increases, and expansion within our community; we (the staff) have deemed it necessary to revamp our Staff page and our moderator team, the Istruttori.

Previously, there was only a few Istruttori spots open, our max. limit of moderators was 9. But due to our wiki's constant growth and acknowlegdement with Wikia, gaming magazines (see below) and other websites we have increased our maximum limit to 12! There is a total of 4 spots open now, and a very special thanks to User:Subject_16* for making the Istruttori panel look flashy with new custom avatars, go check it out and see if something (or someone) "new" catches your eye!

Are you looking to join our moderator team, the Istruttori, or are you already an Istruttori and have forgotten some tips?

Then you're going to need to read a bit of these links;

Good luck!

In other news, we already know that websites steal our images, take our information and re-word it horribly and all that gab.. but something different has happened, everyone knows the awesome Gameinformer magazine, right? Well, in their new issue, they use one of Zwoooosh's images of Rebecca Crane for their magazine, it's the image that is used for her Infobox. That must mean that they either visit this wiki from time to time to get the scoop on the AC Universe, or that image popped up in google.

Nevertheless, congratulations User:Zwoooooosh for his image that made it to the big-time magazines!


Written by THIEF at 21:34, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

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