Remember that day we were ranked 8th for the PS3 gaming division, and 9th for the XBox?

Well, we've been boosted! We're now ranked 4th in the PS3 Wikia gaming division popularity and highest quality wiki leaderboard, and ranked 5th in the XBox leaderboard! We made it to the TOP 5 most popular and highest quality wikia leaderboard for all consoles!

Congratulations to all our editors, without you guys and gals, we wouldn't be there and ranked there. I only noticed this now because when I hovered over the 'Gaming' tab at the top of any page while using Oasis, it mentions us as well as a few other new, popular games.

PS3 Leaderboard:

XBox Leaderboard:

A week and a half ago, we had 12,900 visits here daily. We now have over 16,000 visits a day!

Hellllllllzzzzzzzzz yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!

Note: by consoles I do not mean the PC. That's not a gaming console, but a gaming platform.

-*Raises hands in anticipation for a double highfive-*

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