It's possible, In Assassin's Creed II to create a small civil war between the Medici and the Pazzi MANUALLY.

I found out this myself, it's quite interesting and fun.

Here's a quote from my Treasure chests article that I wrote, I put in the civil war part in there because it involves one of the Codex Page/Treasure Chest banks (doesn't matter if the treasure/codex is already looted).

"It is possible, In Florence and Tuscany, to create a small civil war via Banks. To do this you need to come across a Pazzi owned bank (The soldiers are dressed in Pazzi Red, Not Medici Yellow) and either attract Medici guards to the Pazzi ones or attract the Pazzi guards to a Medici Patrol (By angering the guards and getting them to follow you.) Just lead the idioti to each other and watch them brawl. On a rare occurence, a guard may still target you rather than his other enemies, just silence him and keep your distance. If you want to have even more fun; Invite a few Mercs or Thieves into the brawl."

The full article has pictures of the banks to guide you. :)

Has anyone ever tried this? Or knew of it? It is really a fun techneique.

Try it and let me know what you think in the comments! :D

-rewritten because other blog title got stuffed up. :(

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