Well, I was just thinking, Warren Vidic made ALOT of sense when first talking to Desmond about the Animus.

He told Desmond that animals such as birds and others had to of had some memory of their ancestor's ways and that is the reason for their instinct and immediate knowledge of how to eat, etc. He said that it's possible for humans, but it is more difficult and needs the work of the Animus.

Warren was very convincing and it did make sense how animals and other orgasims suddenly know how to eat, survive, hunt, swim etc a few months from birth.

What do you think? Do you think it's true that animals have these memories (and can access them too. Lucky bastards XD), let alone us humans? Do you think a real life Animus can be created, or atleast that we have these memories?

I think animals do have these memories (although they don't play it out like in the animus, it's more of an instant memory gain :D), but i'm not sure about humans or the machine's creation. It seems too dangerous and high-tech.

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