That's right!

  • It's better than our previous one!
  • It's not deserted like our previous one!
  • In minutes after launch it was filled with AC Fans!

  • With many users on at all times of the day, there's always someone you can talk to.

  • Need help with an article?
  • See to our staff members there, that'll try and be online when they can.

  • Need help with the game? Come in and ask away!
  • Need to blow off some steam? Come in and blow away (LOL, that sounded wrong, didn't it?) blow off edit by Cello: This ALSO sounded wrong XD stress out!

  • Need some company, or just feel like acting random? Come in and do just that!

What has changed?

  • Emoticons! Smilies, emotes and even the ability to slap someone with a fish!
  • More people, the server is more active than any other IRC client we've had!
  • More stylish, less bland and more customization!


  • How do I register, instead of having to type in my name everytime?
    • Just type in /msg NickServ YOURFUTUREPASSWORD e-Mail
  • Can I become an operator?
    • It's up to the boss, D. Cello. If many of our staff don't have enough time to monitor the IRC, I'm sure he'll see what he can do.
  • How do I change my text colo(u)r?
    • Look at the menu underneath your chatbox, click on "Colours" and choose a colour of your preference.

Leave your comments about the IRC below, and don't forget to visit us there!

Written by THIEF at 05:57, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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