Just wondering, what Wiki Skins do you guys use? You can change the default skin under the More tab, by clicking on Preferences and navigating to the Skin section.

The new wiki, Animus 2.0 skin is pretty awesome, the font looks all Animus-like, the new features are great, everything is revamped, and it's looking pretty cool!

Something that's bugging me is that it's squishing a whole page together, there's not enough room or freedom as there was in the old Wiki Skin. Everything is bulked up, the sidebar (navigation panel) is gone and shoved up on the top of the page (it's a bit messy and hard to find), it looks a bit bland, the other skin was easier on the eyes and IMO the colour white is over-used. But still, it's a pretty good skinover! :D

I'm sticking to the old skin, just for quicker navigation and more breathing room, :P.


Comparison - Click to enlarge

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