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  • ThiefAC

    Changeth of Life

    June 5, 2011 by ThiefAC

    Changeth of Life, it is not a simple achievable. To amit the Changeth of Life, dousth need to have epic powereth. Thou, thy AssassinIRC Changeth of Life has already begun.

    "'twas a cold, supposedly 30 degrees night in Australia, during the midst of the secondeth hour of morning, Saturday, 4th of the 6th month of year; where BlaiddDdraig felled Rayne in the ways of verbal combat."

    When spoken to about his victory, Blaidd stated that "he was in it to win it.", and the general public assured User:Assassin-Rayne that the moral of this was "to never contend with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.". User:ThiefAC also stated that it was a superb victory, and coined a few unfunny one-liners.. such as: "A TV can…

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  • ThiefAC
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  • ThiefAC
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  • ThiefAC
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  • ThiefAC

    That's right!

    • It's better than our previous one!
    • It's not deserted like our previous one!
    • In minutes after launch it was filled with AC Fans!

    • With many users on at all times of the day, there's always someone you can talk to.

    • Need help with an article?
    • See to our staff members there, that'll try and be online when they can.

    • Need help with the game? Come in and ask away!
    • Need to blow off some steam? Come in and blow away (LOL, that sounded wrong, didn't it?) blow off edit by Cello: This ALSO sounded wrong XD stress out!

    • Need some company, or just feel like acting random? Come in and do just that!

    • Emoticons! Smilies, emotes and even the ability to slap someone with a fish!
    • More people, the server is more active than any other IRC client we've had!
    • More styli…

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