The Day after Yesterday

Altair reached the top of the building. The hot Jerusalem sun beat down upon his head. It was times like this he thanked god for his hood. Noon and the marketplace was allready at its busiest. If only he'd of set off earlier for it was near impossible for any normal man to see his target in this crowd but then again he was no normal man. He was an assassin. Altair's mind became focused and his senses became those of an eagle. Instanly he spotted a hooded figure stood by the fountain in the middle of marketplace and walking from him was a priest stuffing a note into his pocket. Altair watched the priest known as Brother Horatio walk towards the church in the corner of the square. Altair would have to wait until nightfall when his target should be asleep to strike.

At midnight Altair left his shelter of the horse stable and made his way to the marketplace. The streets were erilie quiet with noone in them. The church was heavily guarded so Altair would have to find a safe way in. Then he saw them. Monks with similar garments similar to his own. He sliped in with them and walked exactly how they did. He fell behind once they were past the guards. He saw the priest on the other side of the courtyard. Altair ran into the priests bed chamber and waited behind the door until the priest walked in. Altair ran towards the priest and before the priest had time to yell Altair plunged his trusted hidden blade into the targets neck and removed the note from the priests pocket. Altair closed Horatio's eyes and lay him in the bed. Altair walked through the door and sprinted through the gate slitting the necks of the guards outside with his shortblade. He continued running towards the stables where he climbed onto a horse and galloped off to the assassins stronghold.

By theatomic DEREK

Authors notes

This is my first fan fiction please be brutal and give me ways to improve my method ready for my next story. Thanks.

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