Hello, Hello! This is Hoodie and I'm going to tell you about my AC:R.

I play on the PC and I got my game December the first, but with some extras, both good and bad.

Game was below expectations=Very, very bad.

Now, I preordered my game at Gamestop, the Animus Edition, and there was some problems.

First of all, I was promised Altaïr's skin, but I never got it. Instead, I got the crappy Armor of Brutus, or as I call it, the Armor of Ballerina. Oh, boy... they should've gotten the Armor of Altaïr instead. Then, the Encyclopedia.

o_O What the... ?! I waited for the game, it got delayed and now this?! The guys here should've made that frickin' Encylopedia! The only good thing was the capacity upgrades and the multiplayer. Goddamn it, Piggyback was better than Ubisoft when it came to the Facts!

The soundtrack=Shit.

Embers=Kinda enjoyed it.

But the Xtras was= Poster, you know with Ezio front and Alty back, and a huge, something with an AC:R theme.

Now, I'm going on the Hunt for the Xtras, which are= Turkish Assassin Armor, Seraffo and Altaïrs Skin.

Wish me luck, and Merry Xmas everyone! From AssassinHood 12:47, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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