This is the 13th edition of my polls. Fortunately I don't believe in luck, been injured too many times for that.

Here are the results from number 12:

Poll Number One:

In 3rd place is Al Mualim with 5 votes

In 2nd place is Captain Douchebeard with 9 votes

In 1st place is Ezio Auditore with 19 votes

Poll Number Two:

In 3rd place is Rodrigo Borgia with 3 votes

In 2nd place is Prince Ahmet (what's his surname, anyone know?) with 6 votes

In 1st place is Al Mualim with 28 votes

Here is your first poll:

Which game has the best final battle?

The poll was created at 11:25 on August 6, 2012, and so far 65 people voted.

Here is the second one from Shrtfngr: (this is copy+pasted, in case you were wondering why it's slightly different from my style of typing)

Which assassination method do you prefer:

The poll was created at 12:26 on July 31, 2012, and so far 75 people voted.

Next week I will add a "Question of the Week" which is a non-poll related question, in order to cut down on blogs. Not an official question but, has anyone else seen the new Batman film?

People, for God's sake, stop complaining about the lack of options for the second poll; it isn't my input, so I won't edit it at all.

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